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Institutional Line

Kalykim’s Institutional Line has complete sanitization systems, which are specifically made for different business segments. From the evaluation of the types of material, surface and dirt, we indicate products and their proper concentrations, thus avoiding waste and ensuring safety in the application.

The sanitization systems follow high quality standards, ensuring asepsis, safety and comfort to all kinds of environment. 

The formulas are developed according to the type of dirt, what allows us to serve different types of segments in a customized way.

We have the perfect solution for your needs.

Look for a Kalykim representative.

Deodorant anti-tobacco

Cleaning of hands

Cleaning of butcher’s

Cleaning of hospital areas

Cleaning of surgical and hospital articles

Cleaning of tiles

Cleaning of consumption counters

Cleaning of cold counters

Cleaning of bathtubs

Cleaning of bathrooms

Cleaning of cold chambers

Cleaning of exhaustion fans

Cleaning of air conditioning ducts

Cleaning of equipment

Cleaning of outfits

Cleaning of mirrors

Cleaning of belts

Cleaning of walls and floors

Cleaning of fishmonger’s

Cleaning of swimming pools

Cleaning of saunas

Cleaning of various surfaces (including stainless steel)

Cleaning of carpets

Cleaning of glasses

Cleaning of utensils

Light and heavy cleaning

Quick cleaning, no-rinse

Clubs and gyms


Hygiene companies

Schools and Universities





Restaurants and Diners

Pet shops

Shopping malls


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