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About Kalykim

Offering solutions in cleaning and sanitization has been the specialty of Kalykim for over 20 years.

The permanent combination of research, cutting-edge technology, innovative raw materials and highly qualified professionals guarantee to Kalykim products of the best quality globally.

Developing customized products and cleaning systems, Kalykim solutions are focused on meeting each client’s specific needs, always searching for the perfect combination of quality, safety and economy.

Beyond the focus on product development, the company takes precedence over the safety in the application and the care for the environment. Product usage orientation is developed in a way to ensure total safety in its handling and in the usage of utensils and products. Thus, it ensures the healthiness of more sensitive products, such as food and drinks, and prevents environmental accidents.

Kalykim Verde - Descarte Limpo

In addition to giving priority to “green” raw materials, or raw materials that have lower environmental impact, Kalykim formulas are developed to minimize waste, either through manual usage or equipment usage. This concern is one of the company’s environmental management objectives. All the company’s employees are trained to follow this plan,  whose focus is to reduce water and energy consumption and to decrease the disposal of chemical waste in the environment.

ISSA - Cidadã

 Kalykim is a partner of ICTA (Institute of Food Science and Technology), an institute of UFRGS (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul), responsible for scientific research about food. The products used by the institute for the cleaning of the environments, surfaces and food processing equipment are supplied by Kalykim.

Together with ASLORE (Packaging Reverse Logistics Association), we work with the disposal of the packaging used in our factory, transforming our recyclable residue into an economic asset which has social value and generates employment, income and citizenship. The project contemplates supporting activities to Waste Collectors Cooperatives, as well as the promotion of communication and awareness campaigns for the population to understand about reverse logistics and packaging recycling.

ISSA - International Sanitary
Supply Association


Kalykim is a member of ISSA, an international association for the cleaning industry, which has as its goal to leverage the strength of its global cleaning community in order to increase the appreciation for cleaning as an investment in human health and the environment. ISSA is an important global icon in the generation of information, education, networking and commercial oportunities, having an important political and leadership role in worldwide communities of cleaning corporations.

The word Kalykim means
“good family” in Greek.


Taking care of people is part of Kalykim’s philosophy, and as a citizen company, we understand that it is also important to contribute to people from outside the company. Thus, the institutions shown below are helped with the donation of sanitization products that contribute to the health and welfare of the people assisted by these organizations.

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