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Food and Drink Line

Cleaning and disinfection procedures are fundamental and also very specific in food and drink industries.

The Kalykim Food and Drink Line has products that ensure the proper removal of dirt and the elimination of microorganisms, thus avoiding contamination and change in flavor.


We offer proper sanitization products and systems for each step of the productive process, as well as technicians who follow the systems implementation and provide you with training on how to use the products.

Passivation system: products developed to remove residue from the manufacturing process in stainless steel tanks.

CIP (Clean in Place) System: equipment and pipelines are cleaned internally with solutions, detergents and sanitizers, not needing to be opened.

Ultrafiltration membrane cleaning system: using products developed for the membrane regeneration, this system allows their reuse in more maintenance cycles, thus reducing process costs.

Belt lubrication system: Kalykim is the first company in Brasil to develop a belt process without water.

Kalykim’s Food Line still offers acid products, which are specifically used to remove inorganic incrustations in utensils and washing machines.

We have the perfect solution for your needs.

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Mineral water



Distilled drinks

Energy drinks

Isotonic drinks

Micro brewery





Processed food



Candy and chocolate

Encased meats

Cold storage (creation, incubatory, encased meats, in natura)


Dairy (chocolate milk, heavy cream, yogurt, cheese, milk, condensed milk and cream cheese)

Pasta, bread and cookies

Membrane (ultrafiltration)



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