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Kitchen Line

Ensuring 100% nutritional preservation and non-contamination of food is the main characteristic of the Kalykim Kitchen Line.


Using cutting-edge technology and special raw materials, the exclusive formulas and procedures developed by Kalykim are exhaustively assessed and tested, thus ensuring the decontamination process without interfering in the properties of the food items and the utensils used in their manipulation.

We have the perfect solution for your needs.

Look for a Kalykim representative.

Kalykim has formulas to all kinds of food processing in any type of industrial kitchen:


Big supermarkets


Hotels or motels


Fast food chains


Buffet services


Utensils bleaching

Hand asepsis

Stainless steel conservation

Dish washing (by hand and machines)

Cleaning of dishwashers

Cleaning of cold chambers

Cleaning of exhaust fans/carbonized dirt/grills/friers

Cleaning of utensils (including aluminum)

Cleaning of walls, floors and glasses

Cleaning of waste bins

Cleaning and odorization of bathrooms

Sanitization of vegetables and fruit

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