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Laundry Line

Washing clothes does not mean to make them clean. Kalykim’s Laundry Line was developed to ensure clothes disinfection, taking precedence over textile preservation, ensuring perfect cleaning and removal of stains, without damaging the textiles. Its products, which are developed with Japanese high technology, have concentrated formulas, ensuring better costs per kilo of clothes washed in industrial and express laundries.

Cleaning of textiles



Desinfectant for hospital clothes

Alkaline detergent

Detergent with perborate bleach

Complete detergent

Detergent with low foaming

Powder detergent

Enzymatic detergent

Pasty detergent

Detergent for heavy cleaning

Detergent 3 in 1

Residue neutralizer


Products for ironing


We have the perfect solution for your needs.

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