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Metal-Mechanic Line

Focused on improving industrial processes, the Kalykim Metal-mechanic Line offers cutting fluids, detergents and alkaline degreasers that lubricate, protect against oxidation and rust, and eliminate oil and grease residue.

Having low implementation costs, the products in this line reduce the tools wearing, providing machines with a longer useful life and reducing the costs of production with rework resulting from failures in processes and equipment. 

We have the perfect solution for your needs.

Look for a Kalykim representative.

Cleaning of pieces


Cleaning of engine blocks


Cleaning of post-machining residue


Cleaning of CNC/Machining centers

Cutting fluid


Cleaning of grinder and lathe

Cutting fluid

Cleaning of tools


Cleaning of textiles


Cleaning of dishes


Cleaning of utensils


Cleaning of utensils (aluminum)


Hand asepsis

Degreasing liquid soap


Perfumed cleaning of hands


Stainless steel preservation


Cleaning of tiles


Cleaning of floors


Cleaning of glasses, walls and partition walls


Cleaning of mirrors


General cleaning


Cleaning of bathrooms


Cleaning of air conditioning ducts


Deodorant anti-tobacco

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