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Vehicle Line

The Kalykim Vehicle Line presents a complete catalog of products for internal and external sanitiziation of automobiles, motorcycles, buses and trucks. The product technology developed for this line ensures the preservation of the paint and the automotive materials, offering the cleansing, maintenance and renovation of these items.


The line still has products for the sanitization of car dealerships and mechanical workshops.

We have the perfect solution for your needs.

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Cleaning of vehicle bodywork, chassi, heavy and passenger vehicles  
Cleaning of engines and blocks of engines
Cleaning of pieces, engines, chassis and equipment in general
Washing of greased pieces, automobile chassis and air conditioning serpentine belts
Products for dashboards
Tyre brightening
Cleaning of padding
Products for carpets
Cleaning of mirrors and glasses
Heavy cleaning
Cleaning of maneuvering yards
Cleaning of floors
Cleaning of walls (washing room)
Cleaning of walls (Workshop)
Quick cleaning, no-rinsing
Cleaning of tiles (Laundry)
Cleaning of bathrooms
Cleaning of hands (mechanic)
Cleaning of hands (social)
Cleaning of air conditioning ducts

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