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Water Line

The Water Treatment Line has products that avoid equipment damage, thus enlarging the useful life of physical assets.


After a precise diagnosis, we customize the type of treatment for cooling towers and closed cold-water systems. The use of these products reduces costs with repair and replacement of pieces, as well as avoids unnecessary stops in the productive system. This  ensures productivity and efficiency, making processes and systems more reliable.


We offer treatment to boiler water and cooling water.

We have the perfect solution for your needs.

Look for a Kalykim representative.

Cooling systems

Corrosion inhibitor and dispersant


Corrosion inhibitor for closed cold and hot water systems

Broad-spectrum biocide

Oxidant biocide

Corrosion inhibitor for pasteurizers

Multifunctional treatment of cooling water

Steam generating systems

Alkalinizing agent

Dispersing and solubilizing agent

Precipitator and hardness complexing agent

Oxygen sequestering agent

Dispersing and solubilizing agent

Multifunctional treatment for boiler water

Dispersing and solubilizing agent for demineralized water

Filmic amines and neutralizer for steam phase

Special application

Acid descaler

Alkaline descaler

Anti-foaming agent

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